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May 26, 2020

Another robotics season has come and gone. The Jension Robotics teams did a fantastic job. For our teams who qualified for Worlds the sudden end to the season due to a global pandemic was abrupt.

I'm confident the students on our teams learned valuable lessons this year about engineering design, problem solving, programming, communicating ideas and collaborating.

We are already making plans for next year. You will find information below for our ANNUAL MEETING, and when you can sign-up for JUNIOR HIGH & HIGH SCHOOL robotics teams (VRC), sign up for ELEMENTARY robotics teams (VEX IQ), and when to expect info about our new COMPETITIVE DRONE teams for JH and HS students, and a SPECIAL REQUEST for a fundraising project, and finally a note about the JPS Engineering Pathway available to your students.

We are planning on having our robotics annual meeting to elect a new board and to begin preparations for next season. Due to current restrictions we have to be creative for this meeting. The meeting date will be Monday, June 1, 7:00pm. We will have an online virtual meeting (ie. Zoom, or Google Meeting). If you would like to join this meeting please contact myself ( or Jennifer Newberry ( for information on how to connect.

Friday, May 29 is the deadline to submit an application to join the Junior High and High School robotics teams. Students going into 7th-12th grade for the 2020-2021 school year must complete the following requirements to be considered for participation on the 2020 - 2021 robotics team.
- Online Participant Application
- List 2 teachers on your application form that Jenison Robotics Board Members will contact for teacher evaluations.
This process would normally be done with an initial meeting and paper applications. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are processing the upcoming seasons applications and teacher recommendation forms online. Please note this application must be filled out by the student, not the parent. Once students have been accepted to the robotics teams, they will be provided with information on how to complete the registration process.

Registration for students going in to grades 4th, 5th, and 6th will be this coming fall. Look for additional information regarding this towards the end of summer and the first week of the school year.

Partnering with JSTEM we will be facilitating competitive drone racing teams next school year. This program will be open for High School students first, and we would like to open drone racing to Junior High students as funding allows. Registration for drone teams will be this coming fall. Look for additional information regarding this towards the end of summer and the first week of the school year.

SPECIAL REQUEST for a fundraising project:
I need some advice for a fundraising project. If you have professional experience with the building trades please contact me I would like to ask you a couple of questions. THANK YOU!! ( or phone or text me 616-457-4779, leave a message and I will get back to you)

Jenison's Engineering Pathway:
Jenison Public Schools offer an Engineering Pathway for students. You can find additional information about the Jenison International Academy program here.

Thank you,
Adam Timmer
President, Jenison Robotics

VEX VRC Tournament Dates TBA

Later This Summer

Latest News & Events

Monday, June 1, 7:00pm

This will be a "virtual meeting" to wrap up last season, and elect our new board for the upcoming school year.

Grades 4-6

The Jenison Robotics Board is currently working out plans for what type of program we can offer this upcoming school year. Please stay tuned for details.

Grades 7-12

Registration for the Fall 2020 VEX VRC season is now closed for 7-12th grade students. Details are being worked out for what type of program we can offer this upcoming school year. Please stay tuned for details.

Typical VEX Schedule

IQ Dates Grades 4 - 6

  • Registration deadline will be in August at the Parent Info meeting
  • Practices start in September
  • "League night" is every other Monday starting in October, and ending at the end of November
  • An all day Jenison IQ Tournament is also scheduled for a Saturday either in November or early December

VRC Dates Grades 7-12

  • Applications for Fall competitive teams come out in the Spring, towards the end of the previous school year
  • Practices start in August
  • First Blended League Nights start in September
  • Tournament dates are posted on our Calendar as soon as they are available late summer


  • Dates and times are subject to change
  • Saturday tournaments are all day events, details on our calendar
  • There are other tournament opportunities available

Jenison VEX IQ
Fall Leagues 2020
Grades 4-6

The Fall 2019 leagues featured 50 teams from Jenison, Grandville, and Hudsonville elementary schools. Fall 2020 will be similar!

Jenison League

Jenison Jr. High Cafeteria
8295 20th Ave.
Jenison, MI 49428

Grandville League

Grandville Middle School Cafeteria
3535 Wilson Ave SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Dates & Agenda
Both Leagues


  • To Be Announced


  • 5:30pm Doors Open / Team Check-in and Inspection Begins
  • 5:55pm Team Check-in Closes
  • 6:15pm League Play Begins
  • 8:00pm League Play Concludes, end time is approximate

Jenison VEX IQ Tournament
For Grades 4-6
Date TBA

Location: Jenison, MI

This is an all day tournament - agenda TBA soon.

Jenison VEX VRC
Fall League 2020
Grades 7-12

The Jenison fall 2020 leagues will feature teams from Jenison, Grandville, Hudsonville and Caledonia Middle and High Schools.

Teams must sign up for the nights they will attend.

  • First Blended League Nights will start mid-September

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Our goal is to inspire students to pursue careers in science and technology. We do this by creating opportunities for students to engage in after school activities that create a very effective mix of technology and sports.
We stage team based robotics contests where students learn to participate in a fun, enriching, and worthwhile experience. No experience is necessary, we are here to help every participant be successful!

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