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Jenison is Sending 6 Teams To The World Championships!

Jenison Robotics is sending 1 Jr. High VEX team to Worlds, team 457B "Game Over". Jenison is also sending 5 elementary VEX IQ teams to Worlds!!

The state championship for our VEX IQ teams was Saturday Feb. 25. The Jenison teams all did really well. 32 teams from around the state competed, 11 of those were Jenison teams. 13 teams won invites to the World Championship, 5 of those are Jenison teams!

Game Over State Robotics design Champs

Team "Game Over" State Robotics Design Champs

Bursley team "Smart Sharks" won the Design Award at the State Championship. This really shows their focus to the design process an how the kids were able to document their progress in their engineering notebook. What a great skills these kids put into practice. We should really be proud of this team's accomplishment.

These are the other teams who won qualification invites based on their skills rankings in Michigan... Sandy Hill Vicious & Delicious. Rosewood teams Orange Crush, Shadow Cats, and Red Warriors. They put a lot of work into designing, building, programming, and driving their robots. This was a very tough field of Michigan elementary teams.

Here are the details of the teams who have qualified for Worlds:

Junior High
"Game Over"
Nathan Appel, Mason Fish, Jonah Selover, Joshua VanHoven

Bursley Elementary
"Smart Sharks" (Design Award winner)
Christopher Karhunen, Sofia Alvarez, Dane DeVries, Maddie Rosenberg

Sandy Hill Elementary
"Vicious & Delicious" (4th place in the state of MI)
Evan Baker, Gray Palmer, Ian Timmer, Micah Arrowsmith

Rosewood Elementary
"Orange Crush" (7th place in the state of MI)
Carson Mooney, Dustin Apol, Connor Orlik, Brenson Velazquez

"Shadow Cats" (9th place in the state of MI)
Joshua Newberry, Aaron Vlasblom, Caleb McCormick, Matthew Schwartz

"Red Warriors" (11th place in the state of MI)
Teagan Borysiak, Jack Crary, Ethan Gieske, Gage Morehouse

Jenison Robotics VEX IQ teams at the State championships

The 11 Elementary School Teams At The State Championships

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