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Jenison VEX IQ teams Fall 2015

Jenison VEX IQ Teams Fall 2015

VEX IQ - Overview

Grades 4-6

The VEX IQ Challenge consists of the VEX IQ Challenge robot game and the optional STEM Research Project, and online challenges. The VEX IQ Challenge provides an opportunity for students, with the guidance of an adult mentor, to explore and solve exciting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) challenges.

Students develop valuable knowledge, skills, and experience a tremendous sense of accomplishment by building and programming a robot to solve the VEX IQ Challenge.

Vex IQ

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Vex IQ League Schedule

2019 Fall VEX IQ League

Open to all Jenison Elementary Students who are in grades 4-6

  • Practices start in September
  • "League night" will be every other Monday starting in October, and ending mid-December
  • Jenison IQ Tournament will be Saturday November 23rd

Keep an eye on our calendar for event updates!

Congratulations to our 2018/2019 teams!

7 of the 32 teams that competed at the State Elementary School Championships in February 2019 came from Jenison!

Congratulations To:

  • 1195A - The Main Event
  • 1195B - Cobras
  • 1443A - Alian Head
  • 1990A - VEXTech
  • 2370A - Bot The Builder
  • 2405A - Loading…
  • 2405C - Robo Nerds

Three of these teams won a spot to the VEX IQ World Championship held in Louisville Kentucky in April 2019!

  • 1195A - The Main Event from El Puente & Rosewood Elementary
  • 1195B - Cobras from Bursley & Sandy Hill Elementary
  • 1990A - VEXTech from El Puente & Sandy Hill Elementary

2019 Jenison VEX IQ Worlds Teams

1195B - Cobras

1990A - VEXTech

1195A - The Main Event

Congratulations to our 2017/2018 teams!

7 Jenison Elementary Teams competed at the State Championships in March 2018

Congratulations To:

  • 1195C - The Ringers
  • 1443A - Ringmasters
  • 1443D - Praying Mantises
  • 1443E - Pythons
  • 2370A - The Control Freaks
  • 2370C - Nerd Herd
  • 2405C - Warrior Paws

Two of these teams won a spot to the VEX IQ World Championship held in Louisville Kentucky in April 2018!

  • Team 2370A - The Control Freaks from Rosewood Elementary
  • Team 1443E - The Pythons from Bursley Elementary

Team 2370A - The Control Freaks

Team 2370A - The Control Freaks

Team 1443 - The Pythons

Team 1443 - The Pythons

Welcome to Jenison Robotics!

Our goal is to inspire students to pursue careers in science and technology. We do this by creating opportunities for students to engage in after school activities that create a very effective mix of technology and sports.
We stage team based robotics contests where students learn to participate in a fun, enriching, and worthwhile experience. No experience is necessary, we are here to help every participant be successful!

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