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Robotics Forums

  • VEX EDR Forum for official rule Q&A, and robot ideas and discussions about EDR.
  • VEX IQ Official Forum for official answers and discussions about IQ
  • Chief Delphi VEX Forums, moderated by Mike Martus Director of Regional Operations for REC Foundation in Michigan
  • RobotC Forums with sub-forums for both IQ and Cortex discussions
The forums do require users to signup for an account first

VEX 2018/2019 Tournament Schedule

  • The Fall/Winter 2018/2019 league and tournament schedules have not been finalized. Please stay posted over the summer as the details roll in.


  • Dates and times are subject to change
  • Saturday tournaments are all day events, details on our calendar
  • There are other tournament opportunities available

VEX Robotics Tutorial Links

VEX IQ Tutorial Links

Programming in RobotC for VEX IQ

Build Resources

VEX VRC Tutorial Links

Programming in RobotC